Permanent Residence

Canada offers a variety of permanent residence programs for those seeking to build their lives in this diverse and welcoming country.

Whether you are skilled in a particular profession, a business owner, or seeking to reunite with family already residing in Canada, you have an option.

Lora also supports in-Canada applicants to transition to permanent residence.

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Express Entry (EE)

Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

Family Sponsorship

PR Card Renewal (and PRTD)

Let’s Get Started

Use "Assessment" for a free assessment of your eligibility. You will receive our reply within 48 hours.

Or simply book a consultation at "Let's Meet". Before the meeting, I evaluate your information to prepare for your individualized guidance. During the consultation, I explain your current situation, strategies to achieve your goal,  possible pain points and how we are going to address it.

Each signed client gets:

  • Authorized representation
  • Comprehensive assessment and recommendations
  • Personalized document checklist
  • Express Profile Creation and updates (if applicable)
  • Commissioning of statements and declarations (family sponsorship)
  • Preparation of full application package (family sponsorship)
  • GCMS notes (if applicable)
  • Submission of all related immigration forms
  • Tailored submission letters
  • Regular updates (email and phone)
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